What is INDIGOx?

INDIGOx is pretty unique: It’s a platform for developers, publishers, investors, press and other interested parties to connect organized by Dutch Game Garden. Developers can present and pitch their new games to an audience of publishers, service parties and other game companies. The event provides the right atmosphere to encourage business relationships and inspire future projects!

Find your perfect business match through xCONNECT, get inspired by industry experts and like-minded game entrepreneurs during our xTALKS, and explore the newest games at xDISCOVER!

INDIGOx offers impressive and rich experiences for attendees, ranging from brand new prototypes to completed games. There are games in all genres, including applied games (for healthcare, education, etc) and games using VR or custom controllers.

Where and when is INDIGOx?

The tenth edition of INDIGO, called INDIGOx, took place on the 28th of June 2019 at Speys Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out when and where it will take place next year.


xCONNECT, xTALKS, and xDISCOVER are three tracks that will take place during INDIGOx. Each of these tracks has a different focus and goal.

Find your next business opportunity during xCONNECT at INDIGOx!
For the tenth edition, INDIGOx has partnered up with MeetToMatch to bring you a matchmaking tool that will help get you connected to publishers, service providers, and other game companies. xCONNECT will help bring your company to the next level.

Get insider tips, tricks, and tactics on the topic of game business during xTALKS at INDIGOx!
Six 30-minute talks by industry experts, prominent game companies and like-minded game entrepreneurs. At xTALKS they will share their experiences with you!

Come play this year’s best games during xDISCOVER at INDIGOx!
Discover a diverse selection of games from the Netherlands and abroad: PC, console, mobile, VR, serious games, prototypes, and more! xDISCOVER will let you meet with the best selection of independent developers.

INDIGO crowd 2018
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