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INDIGOx: Submit your game for xDISCOVER!

INDIGOx: Submit your game for xDISCOVER!

Games registration is now open! xDISCOVER is one of the three event tracks at INDIGOx. xDISCOVER is the showcase for the finest and most outstanding games, organized by Dutch Game Garden. Developers can submit their game for the xDISCOVER showcase now. The xDISCOVER...

INDIGOx: Tickets available now!

INDIGOx: Tickets available now!

Ticket sale starts now INDIGO, the largest game showcase in the Netherlands hosted by the Dutch Game Garden, celebrates its 10th edition on June 28 with a new name: INDIGOx. The grand event takes place at Speys in Utrecht and offers business opportunities for...

40 games and 1300 visitors at INDIGO 2018

40 games and 1300 visitors at INDIGO 2018

The ninth edition of INDIGO was a blast! On June 29 2018, over 1300 visitors came to Utrecht to play the newest and most outstanding games by independent developers.  INDIGO 2018 was held in Speys Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. 40 games were showcased: among the selection were...

INDIGO 2018 Lineup Revealed

INDIGO 2018 Lineup Revealed

We’re happy to announce the 40 games that have been selected for the ninth edition of INDIGO! Our largest game showcase takes place on June 29th 2018 at Speys Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, the Netherlands. A wide variety of game genres will be showcased at our annual...

Register now for INDIGO 2018 on June 29th

Register now for INDIGO 2018 on June 29th

We're happy to announce INDIGO 2018! The ninth edition of our annual showcase will take place June 29th 2018 at Speys Jaarbeurs. At INDIGO, independent developers showcase their best and most outstanding games. Registration is open: sign up your game for INDIGO 2018...

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