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Applause and fame await! Showcase your game during xDISCOVER and compete for the
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During the showcase, you can show off your game, interact and engage with the audience to
win. The best part? Not only do you increase your winning chances, but you also gain feedback
and make new contacts. You can find more information on our previous winners below.

Past Winners

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CoopScoop – Vague Studios

CoopScoop is a VR arcade-style game that revolves around managing a chicken farm. A chicken epidemic has broken out, and you need to make sure all your chickens stay healthy and happy. Try and hold on as long as possible with as many chickens as possible. Can you manage all those chickens?

Vague Studios
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Total Mayhem Games

We Were Here – Total Mayhem Games

We Were Here traps two players in an abandoned castle. Player Two needs to find Player One, using only their voice. Every room challenges your wits and ability to communicate clearly, so make sure you have a microphone ready!

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Tied Together – Napalm Tree

Tied Together is a 2-4-player party game about monsters which have to escape, but there is one catch: they are tied together by a rope. Because of this, the players have to show some serious cooperation skills. Remember, the team is only as strong as the weakest link!

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Yellowcake Games

Rogues with Benefits – Yellowcake Games

Time to have another adventure! Team up with your friends and fight your way to treasure in exciting worlds until eventually you die. Just pick a new nobody and become the new hero of your clan. Each time you play there is a new story to be made and a new challenge to overcome.

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