INDIGO has developed into a full-fledged business conference. On June 26th, Dutch Game Garden organized the 11th edition of INDIGO. INDIGO 2020 was hosted online for the very first time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Publishers, developers, industry professionals, gamers, and press alike visited INDIGO to play fresh new games in the DISCOVER showcase, get inspired by industry experts in the TALKS conference, and connect with other professionals through MeetToMatch, the business networking platform Dutch Game Garden partnered with for the event.
INDIGO kicked off Friday at 12:00 CEST by opening up a designated INDIGO Portal. The INDIGO Portal provided attendees with access to the many different tracks and tools that combined, delivered the full INDIGO 2020 Online experience.

Before JP van Seventer, Managing Director of Dutch Game Garden kicked off the event at 12:15, visitors were able to jump into the INDIGO Lobby and join one of the 150 event tables. The INDIGO Lobby functioned as a general meeting place for visitors to meet and mingle. There, the INDIGO partners manned their own tables to welcome attendees.

Dutch Game Garden partnered with MeetToMatch again after last year’s success. The business networking platform featured over 450 meetings between the attendees. Participants were able to meet with partners to discuss business opportunities. Several notable names such as PlayStation, Raw Fury, Epic, ByteDance (TikTok), Guerilla Games, Ubisoft, Sega, and Poki were present.

At INDIGO DISCOVER visitors were able to play all the games starting June 22nd on Utomik. On Friday the 26th, streamer SevenS1ns and the streaming duo GoedGemutst played all DISCOVER games live. Most of the games’ developers joined the stream, where they answered questions of streamers and viewers. The DISCOVER stream also featured two sponsored TALKS by Andreas Suika and Sjoerd de Jong of Epic and Bruce Wooden of Oculus.
The DISCOVER stream was available to all the INDIGO attendees and made possible by Oculus, GameBasics, Studio Deloryan, Geodesic Games, Tom Jongens, Blackheart Games, A Bunch of Hacks, HKU, BUAS, and Epic Games.

TALKS attendees joined the Xsolla powered TALKS stream and engaged with over 20 industry experts in keynotes, panels, and interviews, doubling the amount of speakers of last year. Topics ranged from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, branding, insights on publisher screening, the influence of games on society, and more. These TALKS will be shared in the future on the Dutch Game Garden Youtube channel.

The INDIGO 2020 Online program concluded with the INDIGO 2020 Award ceremony. This year’s winner was selected by six expert judges: Adriaan de Jongh (Dutch Games Association), Bobby Wertheim (Sega Europe), Rox van der Helm (XGN), JP van Seventer (DGG), and our streamers GoedGemutst and SevenS1ns. The top three contenders were Jello from developer Anton Gavrilov (NL), Despot’s Games from Konfa Games (RU), and Dreamscaper from Afterburner Studios (US). In the end, Dreamscaper won the INDIGO 2020 Award, and the judges acknowledged Dreamscaper’s stunning graphics and excellent boss-battle design. Afterburner Studios received a Business Pass to Devcom 2020 and a Nordic Game+ 2020 ticket with MeetToMatch Unlimited, courtesy of Devcom, and Nordic Game.

In the INDIGO Lobby INDIGO host Aryeh Loeb, jury chairman Bobby Wertheim (Sega Europe) and nominees Anton Gavrilov (Jello), Ian Cofino (Dreamscaper), and Nikolay Kuznetsov (Despot’s Games).Dutch Game Garden wants to thank all her partners, developers, attendees, volunteers, and everyone who helped out to make INDIGO 2020 Online a reality. Thank you!