The selection for INDIGO 2015 has been made! Our 6th edition offers 32 games, including multiplayer games, applied games, and student games. They will be announced in the upcoming weeks – here’s the first 11!
The entire overview of INDIGO games can be found here.

Box Friends

by aran & rubna

Box Friends is a petting zoo for your mobile device. Take care of cute little creatures like snails, dogs & crocodiles! Give them funny hats or shoes! Be nice to them and get more Box Friends!

Cube Escape: Seasons

by RustyLake

In Cube Escape, you will start with your first memory, spring 1964. It brings you to a calm and friendly room. The room contains a clock, a kitchen and a garden window. Your parrot Harvey has a bad mood. Explore and start gathering items, you will quickly realise that something is wrong. 

Curve Fever 3

by Curve Fever

In Curve Fever you control your snake and it is your goal to cut off the other players with your snake, trying to stay alive as long as possible. Curve Fever is best played with 6 players on 1 keyboard during a break at school.

Eeuw van het Medicijn

by Fourcelabs

Eeuw van het Medicijn is a digital & analog game method for 5th / 6th grade elementary school to teach the basics of the scientific cycle. Pupils need to collaboratively examine plants to develop medicines to fight maladies. Teachers coach them to be curious, self-reflective and creative to succeed. 


by Mahdi Bahrami & Moslem Rasouli

Engare is about mathemathics of art. It’s a geometric puzzle game where you draw shapes and create patterns influenced by ancient Iranian art.


by Wispfire

Herald is an interactive period drama about 19th century colonialism. It plays as a mix between an adventure game and a visual novel. You are Devan Rensburg, a steward of mixed-heritage working on board of the HLV Herald, a ship sailing for your land of birth, the Eastern Colonies.


by Tivaru

KABOUNCE is a high octane, team versus team, third person pinball game. You are the ball! The goal is to ricochet off objects to claim them, receive points, and change them to your team color. Scoring turns in your points. When the game ends, the highest scoring team wins.


by Duckbridge

In Luckslinger, luck is measurable, collectable and usable whenever you please. On one half it’s inspired by the unrealistically fast gunslingers, the dark gritty humor and the greed driven anti-heroes of the spaghetti western classics. On the other half it’s inspired by vinyl digging, graffiti spraying, rhyming and the slow drums and jazzy samples of hip hop culture and sound. Steam


by Kalopsia Games
POKU is an adventure game exploring the themes of love and parenthood. The player controls a smart little girl called Aria, who has a special bond with a mysterious egg; it is on this bond that the emotional layer of the narration is built on.

Rogues with Benefits

by The Rogues
Time to have another adventure in Rogues with Benefits! Team up with your friends and fight your way to treasure in exciting worlds until eventually you die. Just pick a new nobody and become the new hero of your clan. Each time you play there is a new story to be made and a new challenge to overcome.

World of Diving

by Vertigo Games
An uncharted world awaits. World of Diving is the multiplayer online game that brings you an exhilarating underwater adventure with optional VR support.