The selection for INDIGO 2015 has been made! Our 6th edition offers 32 games, including multiplayer games, applied games, and student games. They will be announced in the upcoming weeks – here’s the second batch of 11 games!

The entire overview of INDIGO games can be found here.


by Priscilla Haring & Stijn Kuipers
A custom designed game console board with a tiny OLED screen, powered by an ARM Cortex M0 MCU with beautiful board art and a super frustrating 2-pixel-character platform game called Bitman. The game and platform come as a construction kit – some soldering required.

Bounce ’em Up

by Kuality Games

Where brawler game meets battle bots meets pinball: Bounce ’em Up is a new type of physics based, competitive brawler/bouncing game. It’s packed with fun, action, competition and offers a fresh take on traditional brawler games genre. Players will experience arcade style explosive gameplay packed with eye-catching visuals and smooth, responsive controls.

Deliver Us the Moon

by KeokeN Interactive
In Deliver Us The Moon, the player is an astronaut tasked with the responsibility to travel to the moon with the prime objective to find an environmentally friendly solution for the continuation of mankind.

Disposable Heroes

by Evilized Productions
Meet the disposable heroes… A rag-tag band of nobodies who – quite by accident- represent the kingdom’s last hope. With the royal army slain it is they who must venture across the land on a quest to bring back the head of the king’s son so that the light might return. If they had a brain cell between them they might actually be dangerous.

The Flock

by Vogelsap

The Flock is an asymmetrical multiplayer thriller, where you get to play as one of the agile monsters that make up the Flock. Hunt down and attack the Carrier to take its place. Survive and fend off the terrifying Flock with the coveted Light Artifact. 

Kosmos Klikker

by Orbit Games & IWAL

Kosmos Klikker is an engaging game that strengthens links between letters and speech sounds in the brain. Clicking through an alphabetic cosmos with exciting challenges and beautiful environments, children foster their reading fluency in a playful way. Kosmos Klikker capitalizes on recent scientific insights into treating dyslexia. 

Larry’s Island

by Henrico Pops & Remko Pops
In Larry’s Island you play as Larry, a person stranded on floating Islands. By building bridges, you discover all the different islands, each with its own challenge and characteristics. Together with Larry, you get a unique experience discovering the whole world of different Islands.

Munch Time 2

by Gamistry

Munch Time 2 is the multi-platform sequel to Gamistry’s 2012 iOS/Android game, expanding the game’s previous universe into the metroidvania genre on mobile, pc & console. Take control of the acrobatically gifted chameleon Munch by swinging, dashing, slamming and lunging your way through a broad selection of enemies and puzzles.

RITE of Ilk

by Turtleneck Studios
RITE of ILK is a local cooperative exploration game that revolves around the lives of two sacrificed children who are forced to venture through unknown lands to save their tribe from the edge of extinction… all while being tied together by a rope.

Should Shoot

by Prrrpl

Should Shoot is a local multiplayer shooter for iOS. Dodge, aim and shoot: unique mechanics, intuitive controls and slick visual design all cater an intense competitive experience. Play any of the multiplayer modes (with real human beings!) or compete with yourself in one of the singleplayer modes.

Unfated: Era of Wanderers

by Ludomotion & Fourcelabs

Unfated: Era of Wanderers is a first-of-its-kind digital RPG that combines card-based mechanics with an adaptive game world to create a rich narrative experience. The gameplay moves away from combat-oriented quests typically found in RPGs, towards condensed narratives that focus on the dramatic moments in the lives of unsung heroes.