Dutch Game Garden is working on a new version of the Games Monitor, the research report of the Dutch games industry.

The Games Monitor is the research report presenting the numbers, trends, and developments of the Dutch games industry. The research report was first presented in 2012, followed by new research and analysis in 2015. The report looks into the trends and developments for applied and entertainment games in the Netherlands, such as a number of companies, jobs, and game students.


Dutch Game Garden collects data through a questionnaire via Survey Monkey with the sole purpose of using it to compile information for the Games Monitor 2018 for the Netherlands. We will treat this information carefully, data will be anonymized, and results will never be linked to individual institutions. You will find the measures we have taken to protect your data in the Games Monitor Privacy Policy.

Fill in the Games Monitor Survey

During past months, we sent emails with our anonymous survey to Dutch companies that are active in game development or any game-related activities. Included in this were companies that focus on game audio, game marketing, media, outsourcing, and more – all companies that are part of the games industry.

Just now, we have sent email invitations for our anonymous survey to Dutch educational institutions that offer game-related programs. If you offer such a program but did not receive an invitation to the survey, please let us know.

Every response is essential in achieving accurate results! The Games Monitor 2018 is expected to be published later this year.
For an impression of previous editions, please check this page.

The 2018 edition of the Games Monitor is supported by NEO Observatory, Provincie Utrecht, NFIA, Innovation Quarter, and NOM. Special thanks to the Dutch Games Association, our Promotional Partner.