The highly anticipated title Ridiculous Fishing by studio Vlambeer has been released in the Apple App Store. The game gets high marks worldwide and even reached fifth place in the important U.S. section of the store.

Popular gaming websites like JoystiqKotaku and EDGE received Vlambeer’s latest game exceptionally well. That’s particularly welcome because Vlambeer’s initial concept was copied a while ago by another game studio, without so much as a hint as to where they found their “inspiration”. Trade magazine Control covered this story extensively. Also, be sure to read their report concerning the various reactions to Vlambeer’s one and only real Ridiculous Fishing. (The article is only available in Dutch)Vlambeer is located in the business center of Dutch Game Garden. Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman make up this two-man team. Americans Greg Wohlwend (artwork) and Zach Gage (music) contributed to Ridiculous Fishing as well.
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