Indigo, the yearly showcase of talented Dutch game developers, will be held in the city hall of Utrecht this year. On Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September 2012, game developers from the Netherlands present their latest work to an audience of industry professionals and the general audience.

The main hall of Utrecht’s centrally located city hall will be host to about 30 games, created by programmers, artists and designers from the Netherlands. Indigo aims to give these titles and their makers a platform to shine and promote business and creative opportunities at the same time.
Earlier editions of Indigo featured titles like Proun by Joost van Dongen, Super Crate Box by Vlambeer and ibb & obb by Sparpweed. Besides these games made by young professionals, Indigo also typically presents a selection of student projects that are especially promising. Games are displayed on hand-made white arcade cabinets for added style.
The audience can play all the games and talk to their creators as well. In this way, Indigo acts as a stage for up-and-coming designers who don’t have the means for promotional campaigns themselves, besides being a “testing ground” where developers gather valuable feedback.

INDIGO: Powered by Dutch Game Garden

Indigo is organised yearly by Dutch Game Garden (DGG), a foundation in the Netherlands that aims to promote entrepreneurship in the Dutch games industry. DGG offers advice and networking opportunities to game start-ups, rents out affordable office space, organises game-related events and maintains an online and offline network of students and young professionals. DGG also acts as a matchmaker between business, government and education professionals.