Now that the corona crisis has caused many events to be canceled, the need for a networking event was stronger than ever. That’s why we held our first online Network Lunch on May 6th!

One of the main goals of Dutch Game Garden (DGG) is supporting the industry by hosting events where industry experts, newcomers, and everything in between can join and get to know each other. That’s why we knew we had to continue doing our Network Lunches.

Since this was our first time hosting a networking event online, we tested various tools we could use. Eventually, we chose Remo, a popular tool with virtual tables for visitors to sit at and video-chat with each other. With a visualized networking environment, Remo made it all the more suitable for our purposes

Our Incubation Manager Aryeh Loeb was the host, who kicked the event off and welcomed everyone. After a short news update by our Managing Director JP van Seventer, we had our traditional shout-outs. Guests who wanted to talk about what they were doing could virtually raise their hands and get called to the stage to share their short pitch with everyone.

After the shoutout, it was time to get to networking! The tool was quite intuitive, tables showed who was sitting where, and visitors could join everywhere and chat with people. We are already looking forward to our next Network Lunch, where we can improve the experience even more! We are also looking into the possibilities of having our usual game showcases.

It is already possible to sign up for the next online Network Lunch on June 3rd through our Eventbrite.