Game Oven founder Adriaan de Jongh is part of the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2016. Other people in the games category include Netherlands-based Adriel Wallick, Nidhogg-creator Mark Essen, and Indie MEGABOOTH co-founder Christopher Floyd.

Every year, reporters for Forbes look for up-and-coming stars in the game industry: people under the age of thirty who are doing groundbreaking work, disrupting traditional business models, and establishing themselves as leaders.

Game designer Adriaan de Jongh had an office in Dutch Game Garden while running his (now closed) company Game Oven, which he founded together with game developer Bojan Endrovski. Game Oven made experimental games focusing on social and physical interaction between two players outside of the screen, like the intimate finger twister Fingle and mobile dancing game Bounden. After closing the studio, Adriaan started initiatives to support the game industry like organizing meetings and making the contract builder He is currently working on a new kind of mobile dancing game, a ‘Where’s Wally’-like, and a game to help people with brain injury cope with too much input.

Dutch Game Garden developers in Forbes 30 Under 30

It’s not the first time that developers in Dutch Game Garden were part of the prestigious Forbes list: in 2015, Vlambeer founders Jan-Willem Nijman & Rami Ismail were featured in the games category.

The 2016 30 Under 30 in Games list also features Adriel Wallick, an independent game developer based out of the Netherlands. She created the “Game A Week” challenge and organizes the annual Train Jam, a 2 day game jam which is held on the California Zephyr train line from Chicago to San Francisco. Adriel has been a mentor for students participating in the 2015 Summer Game Dev week, and often gives talks on game design & development.

The full 30 Under 30 in Games list can be found here.