september, 2017

25sepalldayalldayTussen Kunst & Glitch

Event Details

In a format inspired by the well-known TV programme Tussen Kunst & Kitsch (the Dutch version of Antiques Roadshow), artists and fans bring in their favourite media art works; these can range from a game or physical object realised with the help of algorithms to browser-based net-art, or anything in between.

An expert panel with Nadine Roestenburg, Michel van Dartel, Jan Robert Leegte and Eric Kluitenberg puts the work in an art historical, cultural and digital context. With the 64 dollar question: can the owners or collectors get out their calculators?
Host and radio DJ Eva Cleven talks with panel members, audience and artists about their favourite works and the current state of media art. A programme full of extraordinary works, performances, stories by aficionados and of course… a merciless final verdict.

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All Day (Monday)