may, 2023

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IMPAKT presents a new hybrid party game experience by Roos Groothuizen and Derk Over. They invite you to play Project Stargaze and explore how the human body is developing in response to our increased use of technology. To play, you need to team up with a friend: one of you will be physically present at the IMPAKT Centre in Utrecht while the other will join online. Together you will experience the single hybrid body of the future. Book your time slot with your teammate to join the game.

We are on the verge of a new evolutionary step – our transition into the hybrid human. This new body will be fully adapted to living simultaneously online and offline. For now, everything still feels uncomfortable and we are still getting used to having a digital presence alongside our physical one. Play the Project Stargaze game and experience the evolutionary process that lies ahead of us by providing a series of challenges for your physical and digital consciousness.

In this multi-team party game, you will pair up to help design the society of the future. One player in each pair will be physically present in the space while the other is online, connected to the game through a video call. Together, you will form a single hybrid body that ‘physically’ connects the online and offline player. How will you cooperate with your partner and the other duos to tackle the challenges of this new society?

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may 19 (Friday) - 21 (Sunday)


IMPAKT [Centre for Media Culture]

Lange Nieuwstraat 4, 3512 PH Utrecht


Roos Groothuizen and Derk Over

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