september, 2017

26sepalldayalldayNFF Interactive: Gouden Kalf Avond & Expo

Event Details

Since last year, the NFF has gained a Calf. And that is the Golden Calf for Best Interactive. Ten selected projects, ranging from fine examples of web design and narrative experiments to virtual explorations and an open-world game that was also successful abroad.

The participating productions were not made for the silver screen, so they are not screened on one tonight. No, it is the selected makers who will explain to the audience tonight what their projects are and all the things involved in realising them. Click here for more information and tickets.

People who want to watch, do, play or experience the projects, can do so all through the festival, all free, in the containers opposite the Festival Pavilion, which form the location of the Interactive Golden Calf Expo.


All Day (Tuesday)