november, 2016

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Event Details

On November 16th 2016 the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences organizes a conference on Procedural Content Generation for games.

During this day several lectures, talks and demonstrations will be given in the field of procedural content generation. The conference will cover various topics ranging from procedural game, level design, storytelling to art. Presentations will be provided by various international experts and speakers in the field, presenting procedural content application in companies from indie game development to AAA games.


Such a speaker for example is Mattias Ljungström who will explain how he uses procedural generation in combination with a level editor to generate aesthetic areas with large variations, while maintaining game design conditions to enable puzzle progression.
Another speaker is Joris Dormans from the Dutch game company Ludomotion. They are working on their game Unexplored that uses cyclic dungeon generation. In the talk he will explain the idea behind these cycles, show level designs and how they can be combined to make interesting dungeon levels.


Prior before the event there will be a masterclass given by Andrew Lowell for using Houdini Dynamics software. The masterclass spans over four days on 10, 11, 14 and the 15th November. Andrew Lowell is an FX artist and has worked on big movie productions such as Thor and Transformers III. 
You can sign up for free over at the website.

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All Day (Wednesday)


NHTV University of Applied Sciences, Mgr. Hopmansstraat 1, 4817 JT Breda


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