march, 2020


Event Details

A year has passed and another Global Game Jam just took place. That means you all have a lot of new games to show! And that means; it’s time for another Barcade!

Barcade is an event for game creators to connect, grab a drink and get a chance to showcase their game projects that are still in development or recently finished.
In this edition, the focus is more on networking and the games exposition, but still “gezellig”. The goal with Barcade_02 is to widen the audience and connect with more industry people outside of Breda, as well as students from HKU. The games will also be showcased in a separate space from the bar so there wont be any drinks near the equipment.

Barcade 2 will also host a deconstruction workshop where three industry professionals will deconstruct your games and give feedback. A great chance if you’re looking to give your game a boost! And that’s not all; this will also be your chance to win the first official Barcade award! (You can opt in on Deconstruction Workshop the form).

If you want to showcase your game please fill in this form:


(Tuesday) 18:00 - 21:00


Electron Breda

Speelhuislaan 171, 4815HA, Breda