june, 2023


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AnimeCon is Holland’s largest annual anime festival. What does that mean you ask? Well, it’s a three-day gathering of fans with a focus on Japanese animation. What it basically comes down to is that you can join a group of people of all ages and enjoy a nice atmosphere in which you can enjoy movies, play video games, and learn about Japan and its culture. The festival focuses on having fun and learning new things.

They try to add extra impulse to their event by portraying parts of the Japanese (popular) culture. Their mission is to let you have a lot of fun and give you a chance to learn something new.
In Japan, animation is produced for people of all age groups. Any genre or influence you can think of that appears in a Hollywood production can also be found in anime. This, amongst a bunch of other things, is what makes the Japanese-produced animation so interesting. If you have not seen any ‘anime’ before, be sure to come and visit us to check out this phenomenon. Be there, be amazed, and become a fan!

The game room
AnimeCon 2023 will also have a Game Room that is over 2400 m2 in size. The Game Room is a place for visitors to play all kinds of video games in a relaxed atmosphere. The room contains a wide range of both old and new game consoles, the latest releases, a free-to-play arcade with a wide variety of cabinets and even some previews and pre-releases of exclusive European builds from our partners!

Indie Game Developers Showcase
The Indie Game Developers Showcase is a podium for Dutch independent developers to showcase their game to the public in a friendly and secure environment on the busiest day of the festival. The Indie Game Developers Showcase is located next to the entrance of the Game Room.
The indie corner will be open from Friday until Sunday
You are allowed to sell games and merchandise!

Read more about the showcase and sign up your game here! Deadline: May 1
Read more about the event and get your tickets here.



june 9 (Friday) - 11 (Sunday)


De Broodfabriek in Rijswijk

Volmerlaan 12, 2288 GD, Rijswijk

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