Together with local, regional and national governments in the Netherlands, the European Union will invest 4 million Euro in the Dutch game industry. The goal of this investment is to create more jobs, foster innovation and help establish new companies within the fast-growing Dutch game sector. The Utrecht-based foundation Dutch Game Garden is the recipient of the financial boost. This organization has been helping to develop this young industry for years.

The contribution ensures Dutch Game Garden is able to continue its mission for the coming five years: to establish a better climate for new companies, create more job opportunities and more possibilities for innovation in the Dutch game industry. The more full-fledged companies and start-ups Dutch Game Garden is able to attract, the more companies may profit from a spirit of collaboration: resulting in strong economical impulses.

It’s a positive development that the new headquarters of Dutch Game Garden is almost entirely filled with tenants already. The foundation moved to the old ABN-Amro bank building at Utrecht’s main Neude square to better fulfil its role as ‘supercharger’ of the Dutch game industry. This proved succesful: 35 new and existing companies now rent office space in the building. Currently, there is a waiting list for future tenants. Dutch Game Garden is now looking for new places to house tenants.

‘Dutch Game Garden breathes energy and that’s infectious. As a former entrepreneur I know how important positive energy is in order to be successful’, says mr. Remco van Lunteren, Economy delegate of the province of Utrecht. ‘Our province is leading in facilitating creative industries like game design, but most importantly this investment contributes towards innovation among young entrepreneurs.’

"Dutch Game Garden fits perfectly in Utrecht’s profile as a city of knowledge and cultureî, argues mrs. Mirjam de Rijk, alderwoman for Economic Affairs. "It also connects the different disciplines we house in our city in a beautiful way. Utrecht University and the Utrecht School of the Arts have a name to uphold when it comes to games and game design. The city likes to keep talented individuals from these institutions in Utrecht. So it’s only natural for us to facilitate Dutch Game Garden."

The official opening of Dutch Game Garden’s new building will take place in mid-May, when at the same time the yearly event Indigo: connected by Ziggo takes places there. This interactive exhibition allows visitors to play the latest in creative and innovative game design from the Netherlands.