Seven games by studios part of Dutch Game Garden’s incubation program have been nominated for the Dutch Game Awards 2016, making 11 nominations in total. The Dutch Game Awards is the largest competition for Dutch game developers. The ceremony will be held September 27th at TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht.

Metrico+ in the categories Beste Core Entertainment Game, Best Art Direction, and Best Entertainment Game Design. The Kinect puzzle platformer game Through Games, part of Dutch Game Garden Breda, is also selected for the categories Best Core Entertainment Game and Best Entertainment Game Design.

Breda-based Fragments of Him for Best Music & Audio and the Special Award categories. The one-keyboard-multiplayer-mayhem game Twirlbound is a survival game that revolves around the evolution of your enemies and is nominated for the category Best Student Art Direction. Abbey Games is nominated for Best Core Entertainment Game. Studio Lumini, is nominated for the category Best Music & Audio. Speelbaars is part of Dutch Game Garden’s incubation program.

The full list

All nominated games can be found here.