Dutch Games Association (DGA) will be hosting the eleventh Country Pavilion during gamescom 2020. The Country Pavilion will be 100% digital and part of devcom. In the same press release, DGA also announced that the Falconeer will be presenting the Netherlands on August 28 in the Europlay contest.

In 2019, over 30 companies participated at gamescom, making the Holland Pavilion a great succes. The setup for this year will differ, but DGA ensures that the foremost Dutch companies will be present once again. Attendees are invited to join and meet the elite of the Dutch games industry during this digital episode of devcom 2020

The broad selection of companies and organizations that will be present represents the Dutch games sector at its best across a wide variety of fields in the game industry. DGA is looking forward at showing what talented Dutch developers have been working on to the rest of the world.

At the Netherlands Pavilion, visitors can find established industry players such as Vertigo Games, Paladin, Gamious publisher Iceberg Interactive, and indie teams like Grumpy Owl and Audiophile.

Devcom takes place from August 17 to August 30, and this year the event is even more about establishing and extending international networks. Therefore DGA partnered once again with MeetToMatch, the Dutch premium networking service, where you can effectively and efficiently meet all the people you need to.

EuroPlay contestant
DGA also announced the representative of the Netherlands for the ‘Eurovision of games’. The Europlay Games Contest is organized by Ukie and will take place on 28th August.

“We’re proud to announce that the Dutch finalist and Dutch representative will be Tomas Sala with his game The Falconeer. The Falconeer is an open-world air combat game, featuring frenetic aerial dogfights and deep exploration of the mysterious open world of The Great Ursee. For more information, please visit www.TheFalconeer.com.”

For access to the zoom channels for the contest and to meet the studios, sign up here.


  • devcom – August 17 – 30 
  • MeetToMatch event – August 25-27
  • Europlay Games Contest – August 28

For Developers:
Are you interested in participating in devcom this year? Let DGA know by filling in this form. There are still a few spots available so register fast. As a DGA member, you’ll receive priority and a discount!

The following companies will be represented digitally:

  • Grumpy Owl – grumpyowlgames.com
  • Vertigo Games – vertigo-games.com
  • Paladin – paladinstudios.com
  • Gamious –  gamious.com
  • Audiophile – audiophile.co.nl
  • Game Drive – Game-Drive.nl
  • Van Iersel Luchtman – vil.nl/gaming
  • 7 Billion Fires – 7billionfires.com
  • Iceberg Interactive – iceberg-games.com