KAVA Game Studio’s WWII game Divided We Fall is now available on Steam Early Access. Players will be able to purchase the game while it’s still in development.

Divided We Fall is a WWII game by KAVA Game Studio. With help and input of the community, the team can develop and improve the game while already making it available for purchase. KAVA Game Studio is a Dutch game studio based in Amsterdam and is part of the start-up support program by Dutch Game Garden.

Combat and strategy

In the midst of World War II, you command a squad of 4 soldiers in the fight for triumph and camaraderie. A war game in which planning and execution depend on real players, Divided We Fall brings you intense real time infantry combat with team-driven strategy at its core. Divided We Fall emphasizes the importance of building a coherent troop and forming well thought-out plans. Attaining victory on the battlefield depends on the effective use of terrain for cover and ambushes. Success hinges on the tactics formed during the planning phase, effective collaboration and the players’ execution while in combat.
Play Divided We Fall on Steam Early Access!