Amy Jo Kim: Forget Badges and Points, Game Design is about Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

“A lot of people think about gamification and are focused on game mechanics. But game mechanics don’t generate long term engagement. What people are looking for is autonomy, mastery, purpose. That’s the stuff that designers design with, that’s what you should design with. Not badges and points.” This and many other nuggets of wisdom were shared by veteran game designer, behavioural neuroscientist and psychologist Amy Jo Kim when she was in the Netherlands recently. We have created a digest of the most important topics covered during Mrs. Kim’s appearance at the Media Future Week as part of the Growing Games programme. Not everything is guaranteed to be 100% verbatim, but it’s still a good impression of what was discussed. Notes by Coline Pannier in Hilversum – April 22, 2015.