Game Garden Academy is a portfolio of online video courses about game business for starting game developers and students. Game Garden Academy covers a range of topics that developers deal with: marketing, PR, business strategy, team composition, and more.

Our game business courses
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Starting Your Game Studio: How to Create an Effective Team
Game Garden Academy, JP van Seventer, Marilla Valente

Learn online how successful video game companies formed their team, run their business, and why it worked (or not). 

€35     €18 


PR for Video Games: How to get press to cover your game
Game Garden Academy, Eline Muijres

Public Relations and marketing for video games! Learn how to write a press release and pitch your game to journalists.

€70     €35

Game Industry Events: Showcase Your Game & Attract Players
Game Garden Academy, Eline Muijres

Learn about presenting your game at events, pitching and networking to attract publishers, press & players to your games.

€35     €18

Building a Creative Startup: Foundations of Entrepreneurship
Game Garden Academy, Derk de Geus

A crash-course for entrepreneurs with a creative/technical background. Leadership, strategy, finance & company culture.

€75     €37 

Too many indies focus on development and forget about the business. Take business seriously and learn from the experts at Game Garden Academy. l
Joost van Dongen

Lead programmer / co-founder, Ronimo Games

Only when we moved into the Dutch Game Garden we started to think and work like a business. There’s so much knowledge with the people and the network of the DGG, and Game Garden Academy is a great way of sharing it with the world.
Manuel Kerssemakers

Co-founder / programmer, Abbey Games