Dutch Game Garden will start the sharing content from her recorded incubation sessions in the Academy channel. Currently, the Academy page contains a series of paid courses providing in-depth coverage on setting up a studio, entrepreneurship, doing PR and do’s and don’t on showcasing. Starting today, Dutch Game Garden will be adding new free weekly videos to the Academy channel.

The incubation program is one of the main focusses of Dutch Game Garden. Promising game startups can join the program and are supported through monthly sessions covering business development, marketing, team management, strategy, production, financing and legal.

The recordings for incubation started back in April 2018 to create a backlog for new incubees to get up to speed with. By now incubation has gathered a decent catalog of Q&As and interviews with industry experts and the like. With the catalog growing and the quality of video’s improving we felt it was worthwhile to share the incubation content online, for free!

The videos are available under the Academy label and can be filtered by topic. Every month three video’s from the incubation backlog will be added and a new one from that month.  To kick off this initiative we’ve already added four videos. 

For a limited amount of time, Dutch Game Garden is also offering a discount on all paid Academy courses. The entire Academy catalog can be found here.