Game developers from the Netherlands show what games can do for businesses in terms of strategy, innovation and growth. During a three-day boot camp from June 5-7, the devs will build game prototypes that enable companies to safely experiment with their business model. The games will be based on the Business Model Canvas, a method for mapping business strategy that has gained enormous popularity in recent years.

At the three-day boot camp Business Model Canvas: The Game in Amsterdam, 6 teams of game developers will be working on a game based on the Business Model Canvas for 3 days straight. Companies are invited to attend, give feedback and follow the development process. In addition, there are workshops on gamestorming and business model mechanics, gaming and innovation, with speakers Sunni Brown and Alex Osterwalder. On the last day of the event the game developers will present the playable prototypes they have have developed.”The Business Model Canvas, developed by Alex Osterwalder, is a clear and visual way of developing your business strategy”, says Patrick van der Pijl of Business Models Inc., the organizer of the event. “But we want to underscore even more that the individual components of your business form an inseparable whole. By making the canvas playable, you immediately see the impact potential choices have when changing your business model. This helps organizations to experiment with new business models, without having to actually implement them right away.”

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“Games are increasingly used to let people think about the strategy of their company” adds JP Seventer of co-organizer Dutch Game Garden. “Games can visualize business models in a playful manner and provide insight you might not have otherwise. Applied or serious games are an important pillar of the growing Dutch game industry. During the event we want to bring businesses and the games industry together, so that they learn from each other and find ways to boost the economy in a way that benefits all.”
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About Business Models Inc.

The bestseller Business Model Generation, written by Alex Osterwalder and produced by Patrick van der Pijl of Business Models Inc., was published in 2009. The book has been translated into more than 26 languages​​ and sold more than 500,000 copies worldwide. Business Models Inc. helps organizations formulate appropriate strategies, foster innovation and design new business models. The company wants to raise the knowledge around business modeling and visual thinking through the development of a game.

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