The Automatician releases on Steam

25 juli 2017

DreamPunks released their first-person puzzle game ‘The Automatician’ on PC, Mac, and Linux. In the game, you create fun yet complex chain reaction machines to solve problems and puzzles. Explore the mansion and become the next Automatician.

In this game you play as Emma Green, a girl roaming in a Victorian mansion solving puzzles and problems. To solve these and prove you are a worthy candidate to bear the title of The Automatician, you need to construct complex but entertaining chain reaction machines.

Apart from creating machines to solve tasks, you can also explore the mansion and talk to the inhabitants. This way, you discover the secrets of the Absolon Estate and learn about its past. Solving puzzles will bring you closer to the final secret.

Inviting players to be creative

DreamPunks is a Dutch independent game studio that was founded in May 2015, and is part of Dutch Game Garden Breda. In August of 2015 DreamPunks started the development of their first major title: The Automatician.

DreamPunks aimed to create a puzzle game that would maximize immersion and purpose, allowing players to build something for a goal beyond simply clearing a stage. By allowing players to make their own complex and original chain machines, like the famous Rube Goldberg Machines, players can not only keep surprising themselves but also the development team with their creativity.

The Automatician is now available on Steam for a reduced price to celebrate the launch. Meanwhile, DreamPunks is already working on developing their next game: The Adamant.