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De LiK | Wolvenplein 27 | Utrecht

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Taco Trouble

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Taco Trouble is a game about cars, guns and above all, taco sauce! Race to the opponents’ base and fill your trailer with taco sauce. Be careful on your way back however, because rough driving will result in spillage. In the meanwhile be sure not to get killed by other players who will use machineguns, rockets, or plain crashing into you to prevent you from stealing their taco sauce.

Garbage Game Development is a group of 3rd year students  of the International Game Architecture and Design education at the NHTV in Breda. Earlier titles include Cardboard Carnival (Global Game Jam 2009) and MoDo madness (Global Game Jam 2010). 

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Over de makers

Garbage Game Devlopment
Carlo de Heer - Team Lead
Roel Ezendam - Design Lead
Maikel van Es - Art Lead
Rick de Bruijne - Tech Lead
Laurens van den Heijkant, Marvin Roelofs, Nick Peters, Puck van Vliet, Stijn Klessens - Artists
Jasper Bekkers, Jeroen Kool, Martijn Hermans, Paul v Grinsven - Programmers
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