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Over Paleolithic

The Paleolithic Project is a tactical multiplayer action game (in modern terms an Online Battle Arena) with the focus on teamwork with a paleolithic theme. Two teams, each consisting of 4 characters, are played by 2 to 8 players. The objective of the game for each team is to find a golden idol and place it in the enemies' base. You lose when the idol is placed in your base 3 times. Each character on the team can choose 2 out of the 5 abilities available in the game. By complimenting the choice of abilities with the rest of the team, teamwork is encouraged. The idea was developed during the summer of 2009.

We are students at the NHTV following the International Game Architecture and Design course. During this course we have a class called Gamelab where a team of students build a working game within 14 days. The game was designed by Vincent van de Pol and Remco van Oosterhout. After building the prototype we pitched the concept to the teachers and got the greenlight. The rest is history.

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Over de makers

Vincent van de Pol - Teamlead & Designlead
Remco van Oosterhout - Co-designer
Paul Mertens - Tech lead
Trevor van Hoof - Art lead
Vincent van de Pol, Remco van Oosterhout, Paul Mertens, Pim Kartner, Jerry van den Heuvel, Djamidin Geldtmeijer - Programmers
Trevor van Hoof, Robert Joosten, Perry Leijten, Wouter van Blooijs, Marc Wildenberg, Dimitrie Hoekstra, Mark Knoop, Leo Kruyswijk - Artists
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