June 30 | 10:00-22:00

De LiK | Wolvenplein 27 | Utrecht

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30 JUN


Over Kamal

Kamal is a platformer in which you use a parallax mechanic to manipulate the world around you. At first Kamal appears to be a standard platformer. But when you get in the posession of a golden 'ViewMaster', you see the world in a whole different perspective. By pausing the game and moving the camera you can parallax different layers of the same level. This allows you to make impossible jumps possible or even move through walls.

Kamal was made during Dutch Game Garden's 2009 Summer Game Dev summer school in five days. 

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Over de makers

Eric Diepeveen & Niels Hansum - Game designers
Marcel Sondaar & Adriaan Jansen - Programmers
Marlies Barends & Suzanne Helmigh - Artists
Gemaakt tijdens
Summer Game Dev 2009