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Over Equalized

Equalized is a rhythm/platform game for iPhone and iPod touch. The goal of the game is to jump, roll and dive through jungle, urban and other themed levels to the beat of your own music. It's the only game for the iPhone in which the player can play levels based on their own music without requiring external services.

The development of Equalized started more then a year ago at NHL university in Leeuwarden. It started as an idea for a 'turn-based platformer' but many features were added, tried out and removed again (the bliss of being a student game designer). The prototype was received with great enthousiasm and the development of Equalized continued in the form of an internship at Grendel Games. Finally, after a year of hard work, Equalized was released in the app store.

Grendel Games is an independent game developer that creates games for both the serious as well as the entertainment game market.

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Over de makers

Rutger Coers, Sybren Kruizinga, Johnn Smit & Folkert Cnossen - Programmers
Friso Elzinga - Music, Graphics
Friso Roolvink - Graphics, Project management
Marcel Velzeboer - Graphics
Lieuwe de Wit - Concept art
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NHL Leeuwarden
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Grendel Games