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Over Dreamworld

A story-enriched puzzle adventure, that is what we want Dreamworld to be. The story told is about Tubbles, a young koowaalaa that lives in a divided world. He is rich and knows little about the poverty-filled villages around the globe, until his journey begins. On his adventure he finds a village that suffers from every cause of the millenium goals. He helps by being sent to a dreamworld where he can face the problems in an abstract manner. Problems are faced like ordinary puzzles, Tubbles has to take pieces of the world and use them to create a path. He does this by rotating these pieces, not only creating way for himself but for the current millenium goal that he's charged to accomplish as well. Every goal has its own level and gameplay centered around this same principle. When goals are completed, they noticably improve the village.

Floating Koala Games is a team of students from Hanzehogeschool Groningen (Communication & Media and ICT) competing in Imagine Cup 2010. This party of beer-guzzling students has set their minds on creating a better world using games. 

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Over de makers

Michiel Procé - Project lead, programming
Martijn Huizenga - Art direction
Martijn de Hoog - Art
Ruurtjan Pul - Programming
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Hanzehogeschool Groningen