For Ambitious Starters

Dutch Game Garden is the place for new business owners in the game sector. We offer ambitious and innovative startups a well-developed program to increase their pace of growth. Our offer system is made up of three components: Talent scouting, the Accelerator and the Incubator.

Talent Scouting

Dutch Game Garden is always searching for talented developers. We hereby pay attention to unique concepts, innovative business models and teams with ambition. We actively search for projects where these aspects come together. Through the organisation of events such as Summer Game Dev and the Global Game Jam, we motivate these students and starters towards a career as business professional in the games sector. An important factor of success for the growth of a games company, besides creativity, is sufficient attention for entrepreneurship and business development. We are happy to see teams with at least one co-founder with a clear business background.



Dutch Game Garden's Acceleration program is a crash course for startups preparing them for realistic business growth. The program focuses on teams who are attempting to bring a new game concept to the market. During this intensive period of several months, we work together with the members to improve their concepts. That happens through feedback from experts, mentors and colleague-startups. Besides that, we give ample attention to the development of business practices and skills through workshops, lectures and sharing between peers, where all starters can share their experiences. 



Dutch Game Garden's Incubator helps promising game-startups develop into fully-functioning game organizations. Besides individual office spaces, the Dutch Game Garden offers various additional facilities to further stimulate growth. These consist, amongst others, of open office hours with experts in the field of law, accounting and HR, individual coaching and network gatherings. After just a few years in the Incubator, organizations make tremendous steps towards standing on their own two feet.