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About the Global Game Jam NL

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is an annual event at hundreds of locations around the world. Divided into teams all participants aim to create a fully functional game in just 48 hours. Fun, creativity and cooperation are very important, but the GGJ has spawned many beautiful concepts, among which some have been developed into full-fledged games and released.

Dutch Game Garden is co-organizer of the Global Game Jam in the Netherlands, together with five schools. These are the HKU School of the Arts in Hilversum, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the NHTV Breda, the NHL Leeuwarden and Saxion Hogeschool Enschede.

For the past years, the GGJ has proven  to be an ideal event for students of different disciplines to get in touch with each other. Professional developers may discover new talent or help ambitious teams continue their work after the jam.



HKU, HvA, NHTV, NHL, Saxion
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