Respawn 2017

20aug 2017-21aug 2017


  • TijdstipAll day event
  • OrganisatorAruba Events GmbH
  • LocatieMesseplatz. 1, 50679 Köln, Duitsland
  • Bijzonderheden

RESPAWN, gathering of game developers is based on the concept of creating a relaxed and open forum for game developers and students to get together and exchange ideas. 

Rather than confining speakers and their audiences to closed rooms, the presentations are held on lecture platforms spread out across the venue. This gives RESPAWN visitors the freedom to spontaneously decide, which talks and panel discussions they want to follow. They can either go directly there or simply use the provided wireless headsets to switch to the audio feed of the presentation they find most interesting at any given time. 

The conference's topics are: 

  • Creative
  • Game Design
  • Business and Tech
  • Culture/Communications
  • Storytelling 

RESPAWN 2017 will feature workshops, lectures and panel discussions as well as an Indie Game Summit, a Newcomer Summit, plus a new format, the Late Night Talks.


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