Dutch Game Garden New Year's Lunch

11jan 2017


Every first Wednesday of the month, Dutch Game Garden hosts a network lunch for companies and parties interested in our program. The New Year's Network Lunch will give us a chance to look back at 2016 and look forward to another successful year for the Dutch games industry. Accompanied by some fresh VR showcases!

The network lunch starts at 12:00 with a brief summary of news from the Dutch Game Garden and an update regarding events and activities. A short round of pitches will follow this, where you can present yourself and your ideas to those present. Many attendees come by clients, projects, jobs and internships through this networking event.

Further information: games and contactlist

Every month, we present promising new games from both students and professionals. The creators themselves will be there to present and to answer any questions. Play these Virtual Reality games and come to see some of the latest talent out of the Netherlands!

Zero Gravity in Space         


by Niels van Unen (HKU)

The Cubicle


by Jesper van den Ende


Cardboard 2         

by Pixelwater & Erasmus  University


Oculus Rift

by VirtualPlay

More tba soon!


You don't have to bring anything yourself, we will provide sandwich things, as well as other tasty snacks. Feel free to leave your contact details with us. We will send out an email to all those interested in getting into contact afterwards.

Note: only by invitation. Please send an email to bart@dutchgamegarden.nl

Are you a student? Let us know which program you are attending, which school, tuition year and the goal of your internship. We have a limited number of spots for students every month and will make a selection based on your information.